Soren Rood

I'm Soren Rood

20 y/o who likes startups, tech, and crypto

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I'm Soren - a hybrid "software-engineering-product-management-designer" based in Seattle, WA. I am currently working @ Replit.

Name: Soren Rood

Birthday: 21 October, 2000

Location: Seattle, WA


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Product Management Intern - Replit

· Leading Replit Ventures

· Developing strategies for startup monetization on the platform

Software Engineer I - Capital Prawn

· Designing, building, and deploying a market-making bot to provide $23,000 in liquidity to securities markets

· Creating library that provides functionality to transmit data and place orders using ErisX WebSocket and REST API

· Developing alongside financial experts to guide the strategy of Capital Prawn’s market making bot

Aug 2020 - Present

Director - Open Quant

· Started a non-profit organization to fill the need for accessible open source financial machine learning libraries

· Writing and reviewing code relating to financial data structures, ETL Pipelines, and feature discovery

· Organizing weekly meetings among board of directors to help align technical milestones with long-term vision

Jan 2020 - Present

Co-Founder - Tutorly

· Designed and deployed a web-scraping Python bot that uses LXML to parse COVID-19 cases from Seattle Pacific University’s website and used SMTPLib to email everyone who has signed up at

· Stress-tested the bot to accommodate exponential user growth with 150 sign-ups in the first 3 days

· Guided team members through agile workflows and trained developers on Tutorly’s technology stack

Summer 2020

Software Engineer Intern - Capital Prawn

· Developed a backtester to analyze the performance of different algorithmic trading bots using Rust and Python

· Created bots in Rust and Python to test the predictive accuracy of trading strategies such as SMA Crossovers

· Utilized ML models and ETL methods to perform feature selection on raw market data to predict price changes

· Developed data pipeline using Pandas, Matplotlib, and NumPy that receives input data, computes technical

indicators, and uploads information to an S3 bucket in Amazon Web Services

· Wrote Elixir library that interfaces with’s REST API to seamlessly retrieve various types of market data

Summer 2019

Software Engineer Intern - Itron Inc.

· Optimized and developed an IoT device capable of regulating power throughout the island nation of Tonga

· Tested hardware components such as VEML7700 (Lumen Sensor) and MKR WAN 1300 (Arduino)


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